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About Us

In August 2011, Waterfront Auckland opened new public spaces, restaurants and a tram loop in Wynyard Quarter, along with a new bridge linking the area to the Viaduct. This development has transformed the way Aucklanders are using this part of their city. And we are just getting our feet wet.

The Auckland Waterfront Development Agency, a council controlled organisation (CCO), was established in November 2010 as part of the formation of the Auckland Council. The agency, known as Waterfront Auckland, is responsible for around 45 hectares of waterfront property including Wynyard Wharf and the land north of Pakenham Street at Wynyard Quarter, Westhaven Marina and part of Queens Wharf and TEAL Park on behalf of Auckland Council and the ratepayers and public of Auckland.

Our objective is to lead the strategic approach to development across Auckland’s waterfront. This approach is consistent with the Auckland Council’s vision. We are a development agency with a mandate to execute and implement projects in the defined Waterfront Area of Ownership, in full co-operation with all relevant Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs) and other relevant stakeholders.

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The Waterfront Auckland Charter is our promise to Aucklanders.
The Charter outlines the vision, mission, philosophy, principles and goals that guide everything Waterfront Auckland does.

Waterfront Auckland Charter

The Waterfront vision

“A world-class destination that excites the senses and celebrates our sea loving pacific culture and maritime history. It supports commercially successful and innovative businesses and is a place for all people, an area rich in character and activities that link people to the city and the sea”.

To achieve this vision and promote a balance of sustainability, resilience and productivity, Waterfront Auckland has set five goals for Auckland’s waterfront to be advanced by bold leadership.


  • A public waterfront

    A place for all Aucklanders and visitors to Auckland; a destination that is recognised for its outstanding design and architecture, natural environmental quality, public spaces, recreational opportunities, facilities and events; a place where we protect and express our cultural heritage and history, and celebrate our great achievements as a city and nation.

  • A smart working waterfront

    Attracts high value innovative, creative and green businesses and investment that increases jobs and achieves a significant lift in productivity; a place for authentic and gritty waterfront activities: the marine and fishing industries, water transport and port activities.

  • A connected waterfront

    A place that is highly accessible and easy to move around in; where people and communities feel connected to the wider city, harbour and beyond by improved pedestrian and cycling linkages, fast, frequent and low-impact passenger transport, state-of-the-art telecommunications and through supportive community and business networks.

  • A blue-green waterfront

    a resilient place where integrated systems thinking and innovative approaches are taken to enhance the marine and natural eco-systems, conserve natural resources, minimise environmental impacts, reduce waste, build responsibly and respond to climate change.

  • A liveable waterfront

    The location of leading sustainable design-led urban transformation in Auckland; the most liveable New Zealand central city community; a vibrant mix of residents, workers, visitors and activities. A welcoming and resilient neighbourhood that is safe, diverse and attractive, with plentiful open space and access to local services and facilities.